Nice 2 meet you!

I’m Isabel, a full-time product designer and researcher with an applied background in accessibility, social media, and game design. I am a first generation Chinese-Filipino American born and currently residing in Los Angeles. I specialize in making innovative and inclusive technologies, keeping in mind the complexities inherent in inclusion, and making space in the digital world for those who have been historically marginalized.

In my personal art practice, I utilize digital mediums as a way of exploring my cultural heritage and understanding how identity translates in digital space.

Online or in Super Smash Brothers lobbies, you can call me s0da, where I engage with different virtual spaces and communities analyzing how digital experiences create safety and meaning for everyday users.

In design I value...


To me, collaboration means actively implementing the perspectives of all parties involved throughout the design process — from early stakeholders to end users. Through open-minded and clear communication, we are capable of creating products that far surpass what could be created alone.


I believe it is the responsibility of every designer to consider and respect the full range of human diversity. This is a continual effort of listening, learning, and unlearning in order to create solutions that unite the differing needs of all users, while acknowledging the structural inequity embedded in our practice.


I define play broadly as giving users the digital freedom to express themselves. Of course, not all work affords this kind of interactivity, but you might be surprised at the delight that can be brought to everyday user experiences. For a human like me in a work-centered world, play is an essential and radical design tool.

IRL I enjoy...

Video Games

Video games mean everything to me. I mod retro game controllers, play competitive fighting games, attend gaming shows and conventions — you name it. As an artist, I find meaning in spending time in a world someone carefully created. That, and saving Hyrule never really gets old.


For me, cooking is a way of expressing my creativity and care for others. I am constantly trying out new recipes or finding new places to eat for inspiration. I often host dinner parties, where I find that food is one of the greatest sources of connection.

Growing moss balls

I recently adopted some moss balls and learned that tending to them helps me tend to myself. Have I been watered today? Do I need more sunlight? Have I treated myself with the kindness I need to grow? Practicing this care towards them and other objects helps me exercise more compassion towards myself and others.

My work is featured in...

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