Mockups of sage's home, search, and add produce page.



Team Lead
UX Designer


Yingyan Wu
Alex Huie
Ethan Ho Huang


10 weeks




I served as the team lead for a 10-week long design project, from ideation to a fully functioning prototype and presentation. Together, we created sage: a mobile application which facilitates the end-to-end process of produce selection, storage, and consumption — all in one place.

This case study is still under construction.

But, you can view the final presentation and demo below in the meantime.

Final Presentation

Below is an interactive slide deck of our final presentation, which summarizes all the provided case study information into some cute and concise slides. Feel free to click through!


Below is a functional prototype and guided demonstration of sage's core features. Enjoy!


Working on sage was a valuable experience for me because it was my first time ever leading a design team. As a project lead, I learned how to pilot sage through each stage in the design process — from ideation, research, and design to a fully functioning prototype. I learned to leverage the skillsets of the different members of my team, clearly communicate timelines and expectations, provide constructive feedback, and work more closely with each member in every step of the process. Some key takeaways I have are:
Focus on the Essence.
Having a clear idea of exactly what we’re capable of implementing and the confidence that comes with that knowledge is key to navigating the design process. Moving forward while still unsure about functionality makes for much more frustration than necessary.
Iterate with Purpose
When designing, it’s easy to fall down rabbit holes of iteration after iteration. Although creating different versions definitely helps you visualize and ideate, it's important to ensure that each iteration has a purpose. Doing so can make your ideas much clearer and easier to expand upon.